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Pharmacist with Patient

WHY and WHO ?

Countless amounts of data are generated and stored from everyday tasks, particularly in healthcare. It can be difficult to make meaningful connections and answering questions with costly experimentation. We bridge that gap by forgoing experimentation altogether and look directly through the data using statistical learning and mathematical analysis to create actionable intelligence. Data-to-action has been long implemented in business but not necessarily in healthcare organizations. We are here to unleash this power and utilize our expertise to assist healthcare professionals and organizations. With Mandelbrotians, you can gain better insight into your research questions, institutional or operational aspects, and more


To help health care practitioners gain advanced resources to apply cutting edge science in their day to day practice. To put it in simple terms, to make apply science in health care which is more applied and less theory happen. We believe by using the right tools and expertise the majority of applied research questions in practice can be answered much faster and safer with todays technological advances. Our WHY is to help health care professionals, organizations and institutions to apply cutting edge science in their workflow and boost their applied research and operational productivity.


 a group of round pegs scientists in square holes with an extensive experience in healthcare space who tackles complex healthcare problems and aim to deliver solutions that will lift the health of our society.

Our team come with an extensive background in applied Computer Science, Statistics and Health Care.

Here we are 👇

The Team

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